Animation & video | Plum Design & Advertising Ltd


Would you like your audience to stay on your website for longer, create more quality leads and improve your brand credibility? Thought so.

Animations are a proven successful marketing tool and the perfect way to explain and sell your products and services. Once created they can be used in meetings, on your website or on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Don’t make potential customers trawl through columns of text before they understand why they must do business with you. Say it with an animation.

We will work with you to create great animations. From the initial concept, developing a script, storyboarding and art direction we will work with you to develop unforgettable stories about your brand, your products, your message.  With our in-house specialist animation designers we create compelling, watchable content that works for you.

Our in house animation services include;

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Explainer animation
  • 2D Graphics animation
  • 3D Graphics animation
  • 2D Animated Logo
  • 3D Animated Logo
  • Corporate animation films
  • Character and creature animation
  • Typography animation
  • Commercials

Initial concept
We can help you focus on what you want to achieve from the project and build a brief from that.

Developing a script
You may already have a script or be comfortable creating one. Alternatively, we can help you develop this or use a trusted partner to write the script for you. We will ensure that the correct message is delivered.

We can provide sequential planning of a video or animation project by either text cues or stroyboard of the intended scenes. The storyboard phase is a crucial part of the project and helps you to visualize your project before any red light has been lit.

Art direction
Creating the best overall appearance for the cinematography and graphics ensures your desired message and brand is conveyed to your customers and clients.

Location filming
We travel all over the country and we’re used to working in demanding environments. We will create a plan to ensure we get the best results on the day.

Post production
This is where all the hard work comes together. Using all our years of experience we will make sure your videos and animations deliver a rhythm and focus, conveying the message you intended. We do this using professional industry leading software.