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Client: ACI

Project: Active Cosmetic Ingredients - Responsive Website

The brief:

With new branding in place the client wanted to focus on a website for their growing business. It needed to follow the visual identity already established by Plum whilst clearly communicating key company information. The website needed to be produced quickly to ensure it was live in time for an important upcoming event.

The solution:

A bespoke website was chosen as the client wanted complete control over the structure and layout of the site. We included responsive coding to ensure that the site was optimized for people viewing on phones and tablets, especially seeing as the client visits many events and prospective clients would likely view it for the first time on a mobile. We used very clean, fresh, natural imagery that reflected the nature of the business ACI operates.

Phase two of the website will see the introduction of a client only area where confidential documents and information can be stored and shared.

Active-cosmetic-ingredients-website ACI responsive website
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