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Client: Catnic

Project: Catnic - 3D Modelling

The brief:

The client didn't give us a brief on this; we saw that there was great potential in creating 3D imagery to showcase the Catnic product.

The solution:

We proposed the use of 3D imagery to Catnic as this was the best way to show the many lintel types and in which situations they should be used. They also show how they should be installed in the building, providing a very invaluable guide to both specifier and end used.

The resulting brochure proved very popular with customers contributed to Catnic winning the CANMOL Welsh marketing award and being a finalist in the BEMA award.

Plum's design team worked tirelessly to produce the high quality promotional literature that is required of our well respected global brand. Their creativity and illustrations help set a new benchmark in our industry. Since the launch of the new suite of brochure wear, our customer enquiries have increased dramatically and the quality of our brochure has become the envy of our competitors.

Catnic 3D Catnic 3D modelling
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