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Client: ACI

Project: Active Cosmetic Ingredients - Brand creation

The brief:

The client identified a need to create a logo and brand identity for their company that hadn't previously used any branding. The client wanted something that was modern with natural tones [due to the nature of their products] and we needed to ensure that any branding was acceptable in the global marketplace to satisfy the ambitions of the company.

The solution:

To create a brand identity that reflected the professionalism and capability of the company. It was important to us that we created something that was memorable yet simple which would add value to ACI.

We developed a variety of options for the client to choose from but the chosen logo was a unanimous decision from both the client and us - its great when this happens!

The new logo has been well received by the client and we have already been asked to undertake further projects for this new client.

Active cosmetic ingredients exhibition poster Active cosmetic ingredients logo design Active cosmetic ingredients promotional bag Active cosmetic ingredients website
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