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Client: Safety Letterbox Company

Project: Safety Letterbox Company - 3D Modelling

The brief:

The client didn't give us a brief on this; we saw that there was great potential in creating an animation of letterboxes to music and at the same time using it as a means to show how colour could be used to create a feature.

The solution:

This was a fun project to do as it allowed our animator to let his imagination go wild. It is only 3 minutes long but entertains while communicating the benefits of using colour. The number of letterbox installations utilising colour has increased significantly since the company started promoting colour as a key benefit.

The team at Plum have provided us with innovative and creative solutions for digital marketing and hard copy literature, as well as exciting features such as animation and rendered images to enhance and further demonstrate our products. They execute the brief with patience and attention to detail, which ensures they always deliver the very best solution.

The Safety Letterbox Co Ltd
Safety letterbox 3D Safety letterbox 3D model
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