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Client: William Battle

Project: William Battle - Branding

The brief:

William Battle is a consultancy that offers bespoke Training and Applied Learning to Business, the Public Sector and Charity clients who require deep change to increase productivity, build profitability and business value, and engage their entire workforce for innovation.

William Battle approached us to refresh and reinvigorate their brand identity and to create subsequent logotypes for individual programmers they offer such as The People for Profit and Planet® and TRANSFER®.

The solution:

Knowing William Battle for many years, we already understood their business concept.

The logotypes where created to specifically target the audience the programmes are intended. The PPP or The People for Profit and Planet® logotype was designed to relay a dynamic, innovative feel, where as the TRANSFER ® logotype was designed to engage the more senior demographic.

As William Battle offers services which are fairly abstract we employed images in the brochures to help get across the core programme messages.

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