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I wonder what device you are reading this on? A desktop? A laptop? Or perhaps a smartphone?

With more and more devices entering the market it’s not surprising that internet usage attributed to mobiles and tablets is set to take over that on desktops.

This change in the way people consume information means that we need to change the way we share it, encouraging the best possible online experience of our brands and services.

Experience for the user is key.

With Google now focussing on the user experience, those websites that offer an enhanced experience, regardless of device being used, will take priority and therefore rank higher in search.

Responsive design is more cost effective – there is no need for a separate mobile site; one site for all devices means one website to update, one website to host, one website to market.

Responsive design is a way of future proofing your website, the number of people viewing information on mobiles and tablets is only going to increase.

We can see that having a website that is responsive has a direct impact on dwell time and bounce rates – if a user has a better experience on your website they will spend longer on it and they’re also less likely to bounce if the page is optimised to their device. Happy customers = happy business.

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