Virtual Reality

Engage your customers with state of the art 360° Virtual showrooms.

We produce custom-built 360° immersive environments, that will transport your customer into a new exciting virtual experience.

Navigate around the showroom by using the interactive hotspot and menu system to discover every feature the showroom has to offer.

Additional information like text, images and video can be accessed by using the hot spot feature giving you the ability to provide additional information where needed and on demand.

The Virtual showroom allows the customer to browse your range of products in a real-world environment 24 hrs a day 365 days a year without the need to leave their home.

The virtual showroom can be built using 360° photography to reflect a real environment like your own premisses or constructed in 3D where you can customise the immersive environment to your unique specifications and requirements.

Virtual showrooms also allow you to show your product in a ‘real world’ situational environment that might not be possible in the real world.

You can even populate your virtual world with a guide who can help you navigate around. Using the latest green screen technology, we can film and digitally place a presenter into your virtual world to act as a host presenting information where and when required.

Our virtual showroom can be seamlessly integrated into your website or set up on your own inhouse system.

We offer:

VR – Virtual reality

We also offer immersive virtual reality, our video will be recognised by any VR compatible device and will place you inside a virtual world where you can (thorough a headset) immerse yourself in our VR created worlds. We can also produce our worlds in Stereoscopic 360 degree to enhance the world with focal depth and realism.

360° Photography

360° spherical photography or more commonly referred to as 360° photography or photospheres is the process of capturing 360° of a location. The end result is an immersive experience that allows the viewer to explore the image or environment in a way that you could not with a standard image by scrolling around the screen, looking around with a mobile or by viewing through a VR headset.

360° 3D environments

The 360° photospheres can also be built in 3D, this opens a new world of possibilities to create environments that don’t exist or architectural buildings before they have been built, the 3D the possibilities are endless. With 3D photo realistic renders, the 3D environments can look as real as photography.

Groundhog Virtual showroom

Groundhog asked us to develop a virtual showroom to promote their products and innovations.

We constructed the Virtual showroom to allow Groundhog's customers to browse their range of products in a real-world environment 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

Please click here to vist the live showroom