Tell your story with animation, the possibilities are endless!

Our love for animation here at Plum is fuelled by the fact that it is so unlike any other media. Animation has the ability to take complex or challenging subjects and simplify them into a visual format, to tell a story and engage the viewer quickly in an impactful, dynamic way that will not only engage them, but also help them retain the information in an understandable way.

We specialise in creating the best quality animations that are content led and informative, but above all, are imaginative, engaging and visually exciting.

We have produced explainer videos, corporate animations and motion graphics in English and Welsh for clients such as The Welsh Government, Carmarthen County Council, and blue chip companies.

Through animation, your audience can experience your ideas, concepts or services in an immediate, clear and understandable way.

Our animation experts here at Plum can help you bring your ideas and imagination to life!

We excel in taking your concept from initial brief to the final animation, working with you every step of the way, using our expert knowledge, imagination and creativity.

Genquip Groundhog Value proposal
Genquip Groundhog - Value Proposal
Welsh Government - Well being of Future Generations - English
Welsh Government - Well being of Future Generations
Applied Weighing
Applied Weighing
Genquip Groundhog Bamm i760 animation
Genquip Groundhog Bamm i760

Working with you every step of the way.

Our work flow

Initial concept

We can help you focus on what you want to achieve from the project and build a brief from that.

Developing a script

You may already have a script or be comfortable creating one. Alternatively, we can help you develop this or use a trusted partner to write the script for you. We will ensure that the correct message is delivered.


We can provide sequential planning of a video or animation project by either text cues or storyboard of the intended scenes. The storyboard phase is a crucial part of the project and helps you to visualize your project before any red light has been lit.

Art direction

Creating the best overall appearance for the cinematography and graphics ensures your desired message and brand is conveyed to your customers and clients.

Post production

This is where all the hard work comes together. Using all our years of experience we will make sure your videos and animations deliver a rhythm and focus, conveying the message you intended. We do this using professional industry leading software.

We are passionate about animation, and enjoy creating unique visualisations for our clients that capture the emotion and personality of their company, providing a bond between their brand and its audience.

Our services

We create concepts, compose scripts, 2D and 3D animations, 3D product modeling, render CGI imagery and video, all produced in-house. We also partner with the best in the business across voiceover recording and music, so that your animation not only looks the part, but also sounds brilliant too.

2D animation

2D animation is a versatile attention-grabbing format, creating a 2D animation allows you to convey almost any type of information capturing your audience attention and engage them effortlessly.

3D animation

Take your next video to the next level with our 3D animations, 3D can be used to create powerful animations that will entertain, educate and inspire your audience and make your brand stand out against your competitors.

3D animation is a fantastic choice If you’re looking to create a high impact animation, it’s ideal for conveying your idea, visualising scenarios, characters, products or buildings. With photo realistic texturing and lighting we can produce your 3D animation without any of the constraints of a live video.

Our 3D animations can feature text, illustrations, voiceover and anything else required to get your message across.

Motion graphic animations

Motion graphics is a highly effective way to engage your visitors if you have a lot of written content that you want to convey, motion graphics uses 2D and 3D styles with dynamic motion lead kinetic typography and graphics to make your content engaging and memorable.

Infographic video

We can animate statistics, build charts and make graphs come alive, producing visually engaging infographic animations that will help your customers understand complicated information in a quick and clear way.


Why not have it all? The beauty of animation is that there are no constraints. Why not have your live action video seamlessly integrated with 2D and 3D elements, or enhanced by visual graphics to create something truly unique and inspiring?

Wernick WPS Generators animation
Wernick - WPS Generators animation
Trime - X-Alert
Trime - X-Alert
FRG - AXA animation
FRG - AXA animation