Exhibition Design

Need display stand graphics?

We design and produce dynamic exhibition displays. From a single pop-up banner to a whole exhibition stand or showroom display, we will create an exciting and effective design.

When you need to make a big impact on a potential customer, your staff or other promotional event, to capture interest and deliver a professional, clear message, an exhibition stand is an effective way to raise brand awareness and convey key company product / service information.

As exhibition stands tend to be large and exhibiting costs at a trade show expensive, it is important that the design and the messaging delivers.

Our in-house team has extensive experience delivering successful displays for a wide variety of happy clients, be it customer or staff facing or business to business.

Whether it’s your brand’s story presented in a reception area or boardroom, or a complete show hall with thousands of visitors, we can design and manage all your exhibition requirements.

From a simple pop up display to a complete exhibition stand scheme incorporating print literature and video / animation, we will guide you through the whole process from initial concepts right through to final print, production, delivery and installation.

Franks' dispalys
Wernick Stand
Wernick Stand
MHM Eco friendly Stand


There is such a thing as way too much!

Effective exhibition stand design should concentrate on clear messaging and branding. With the potential to have lots of information that needs to be shown within a limited amount of display space, the temptation is to try to fill as much text and imagery as possible.

At Plum we understand that people who see your stand need to quickly understand what you are presenting in the most effective way, and deliver your key message with the appropriate tone of voice.

Support materials such as print literature and video / animation screens can further convey a fuller message with your display stand.

Presenting a display for an exhibition can be a daunting challenge for many companies who may not have shown before.

Our designers are experienced in taking your existing brand material and developing your display’s content to achieve the most effective, eye catching and on-brand results.

Wernick Exhibition
First Cymru Unibus
First Cymru Flexi 5
Globebusters pop up

Incorporating display video and animation graphics to make an impact!

Our in-house team can produce video and animation to capture and hold people’s attention.

Incorporating a video or animation into your exhibition creates an additional dynamic visual element to your stand that will draw in your audience and deliver your message without you having say a word.

With limited stand space available video or animation is a fantastic tool that allows you to show more products, demonstrate how they work, convey your services, or show the scale and scope of your company. All this will allow you to get more information over quickly and effortlessly to a wider audience.

MHM Exhibition with screens
Groundhog Stand with screen
Groundhog Stand with Screen
pop up stand examples


A quick turn around with an eye catching high-quality durable finish.

We work with experienced large format printers to produce your exhibition stand and deliver it on time.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke single-use items or reusable options for use longer-term that deliver a greater return on your investment, you can count on a high-quality durable finish.

Exhibition stands don’t need to be for one specific event. Adaptable displays can easily be repurposed for different situations and content refreshed without necessitating a full costly reprint, allowing your exhibition display to be ‘future-proof.’

Werncik vinal wall graphics
Werncik vinal wall graphics
Groundhog boardroom wall graphics