Filming &
Video Production

Here at Plum, we are passionate about creative video and are proud to be a full-service marketing agency that loves working with businesses of all sizes and in any sector to produce exciting, unique and creative videos to entertain and inform your audience with outstanding visuals and thoughtful messaging.

Video is one of the most effective ways to attract, engage and retain your audience.

According to online resources, video makes an astonishing 82% of consumer online traffic. Video is one of the most effective ways to attract, engage and retain your audience.

At Plum, we know how to help you attract more people to your website and retain them for longer, by creating unique, visually stunning content driven video.

Why choose to work with Plum?

At Plum, we are highly skilled to provide the service that you need. We are a dedicated team of videographers, designers and animators who understand how to promote your company through bespoke, eye catching video content.

We find the perfect balance between entertainment and information, to engage your audience, and achieve your video marketing goals. Whether it be branded content on social media, promotional corporate videos or product explainer videos we offer it all, and more.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer all of our services under one roof, here at our studio in Swansea, right on the M4 corridor, South Wales.

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Pro PT Academy
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Groundhog Twin Axle deployment

What we offer

Company Video

A company video is an effective way to present who you are and what you do. Video and on-screen graphics can effortlessly showcase your company, your brand values and your product or services.

Product Video

Promote your product through one of our informative engaging videos. We can help showcase your product, it’s features and how it works in innovative information led way. We can produce what you require by live action footage, 2D illustrations, 3D animation or a combination of them all.

Branded Video Content

We believe that branded videos are essential content to have on your website and use in your social media marketing. Branded videos enforce your brand and build trust with your audience. They not only sell your businesses services or products, but they deliver dynamic content that entertains, educates or simply engages your viewers whilst subtly promoting your company, building brand awareness and growing your audience.

Corporate Interviews & Talking Heads

Corporate interviews or ‘talking heads’ are a fantastic way to directly communicate your key business messages and keep both customers and shareholders up to date with your company. We understand that to film busy people we need to work around their schedules and availability. With our mobile video setup, we are able to produce studio quality interviews in your workspace and at your convenience.

Studio & Green Screen Filming

There is not always a dramatic backdrop available to film against, or sometimes the location might not even exist in the case of virtual environments. In these cases, we can use green screen filming techniques and video compositions to achieve the result that you are looking for.

Aerial Filming

Need us to take to the skies to get the winning shot? Consider it done! With all the required licensing, our team can navigate drones to capture the dramatic aerial footage. We follow official guidelines and ensure all the necessary permissions and insurances are in place to safely and respectfully capture what’s needed.


Sometimes the information you would like to get across is less than exciting and can be hard to express clearly in words alone. An Infomercial, using motion graphics and animation can take tedious and stale content and turn it into short, impactful, dynamic visuals that the viewer will not only enjoy more, but understand better. A clear and concise way of delivering your message.

Infomercials are also fantastic at demonstrating statistics and visually representing your company’s story, sales process and pitch. It can also be used on your website, email marketing or social media to tell the world about your business and the services and products you offer.

We’d love to work with you on your next video marketing project.

Groundhog - SWO7600
Groundhog - SWO7600
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Wernick - Turnkey Solutions
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Trime X-dust

Our process

Pre production – The planning

Initial concept

We can help you focus on what you want to achieve from the project, and build a brief from that.

Developing a script

You may already have a script or be comfortable creating one. Alternatively, we can help you develop this or use a trusted partner to write the script for you. We will ensure that the correct message is delivered.


We can provide sequential planning of a video or animation project by either text cues or storyboard of the intended scenes. The storyboard phase is a crucial part of the project and helps you to visualize your project before any red light has been lit.

Production - When we create your video

Filming & Art direction

Whether we are filming on site or in a studio, our team work hard to create the best cinematography for your video. We ensure that we capture everything that is needed to produce a video that you want.

Location filming

We travel all over the country and we’re used to working in demanding environments. We will create a plan to ensure we get the best results on the day.

Post production – Bringing it all together

Editing and post effects

This is where all the hard work comes together. First, we edit down all the footage we have taken to create your video. We fine tune, colour grade, add music, overlay the voice over, and incorporate visual and sound effects. All this is pulled together to create your unique dynamic video.

Delivery – The final article

We then hand over to you the finished video in all is glory, ready for you to use.