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One of the many issues we are all facing is keeping in touch with clients during this social distancing period. It’s been a daunting few weeks, keeping up with video calls and trying to make sure your workforce and clients feel at ease and ready to take on what’s next. To help you along your journey we have pulled together some advice on how to communicate with everyone you need to.


1: The first platform we are going to look at is YouTube.

This social media space allows you to create your own YouTube channel. With social distancing in place, meeting new clients has now become difficult. An alternative, creative way of introducing yourself is to create a YouTube video where you introduce yourself on camera, this can be interspersed with graphics and music, services that we can offer you here at Plum.
The key here is authenticity, something a written email or Facebook doesn’t quite have. YouTube allows your following to see your facial expressions, body language and setting; giving your message an all-round more relaxed and authentic feel. Furthermore, there are numerous ways that you can link your audience to your youtube channel, from adding a page on your company’s website introducing you as an individual, to linking the video to social media posts and emailing it out to your contacts.


2: Our next suggestion is record your very own podcast.

This is less intimidating than YouTube, as the listener can’t see you but is able to hear your voice. Once recorded you can upload it to Spotify or Apple Podcasts. These are perfect for if you need to give a lecture to a large team or just want to get your brand out there. If you are not keen on recording yourself, we can offer you a professional voice over recording service.

If you are struggling to think of content for these platforms then just imagine you are writing a post for social media and then elaborate further. You could offer your audience free advice, a class on a topic related to your business, a fun quiz to keep their spirits up or even just an introduction to you and how you are coping at home! All that we want to achieve is authenticity and relatability.

3: We’ve all heard of Zoom calls by now!

A great way to connect with a group of people all at once, whether you feel like you need to gather your client’s team into one place, introduce yourself to some new customers, or simply touch base with your employees, Zoom has become the nation’s favourite video calling app.


4: Consider the different demographics of your audience

Our last suggestion is to take into consideration the different demographics of whoever you are trying to communicate with! Not everyone will feel comfortable with hopping on a Zoom call or having long email conversations. Others won’t have time to digest a phone call and might prefer to receive this information via a video or podcast that they can pause whenever they need to.
Keep the conversation open and discuss what the best method of communication would be so that your clients are totally at ease and happy to talk.

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