Developing your business: Focussing on long-term projects

Developing your business:

Focussing on long-term projects

The difference between short term and long-term marketing projects might not be immediately obvious. Long term projects may take months or even years to complete, as opposed to short term projects which could last only a few days. However, we do know that building focused marketing strategies and having targeted goals will result in longer lasting, positive outcomes.

Our Designers here at Plum have pulled together some advice on the benefits of a long-term strategy and what commitments you should be taking into the next stage of your company.


Let’s talk websites.

Your website can be a powerful tool that can often be neglected over the years. A simple revamp would be considered a short-term goal, whilst taking the time to carefully prepare a website overhaul could finally get you your dream clients. It is your digital shop window, a place for potential clients to browse your services. It can engage visitors via a carefully constructed SEO plan, show your social media followers the detailed version of your brand and most importantly, it’s a place to make sales. A professionally designed, mobile optimised website can give your company validity like nothing else. In short, it shows your potential customers you mean business!


Brand realignment.

If you are a regular here over at Plum Design, you’ll have already read our blog about the importance of brand realignment and the two simple steps we offered to help you begin this process, we’ll leave that link for you here Branding

It’s important to gain perspective on your own brand and how you are seen by your audience. This idea can be translated over into the long-term goals your company has, as brand realignment will never be a quick fix. It is vital you keep evolving with your audience and know that your brand may have been perfect a year ago, but now could use some maintenance to keep things looking fresh.

PPC and SEO: Digital marketing and all the acronyms.

Digital marketing isn’t all about aesthetics, a lot of the time it’s about the analytics. Getting to the top of Google is the ultimate win for a lot of companies. We’ve all sat at our computers typing in different variations of our business’s services, hoping that we will magically appear on the top
of the search page. It takes time and dedication; ranking high in Google search engines will never happen overnight, particularly if your website isn’t utilising keywords and ever-changing algorithms. Some of our clients prefer PPC advertising, otherwise known as pay-per-click. This is almost like buying site visitors, as opposed to having them visit organically. However, our aim with all of our clients, is to develop websites with useful content that incorporate all relevant search terms. This enables the websites that we
design to perform at their maximum, organically.

Newsletters and e-mail marketing.

The power of the newsletter seems to be the best kept secret in the industry. Once a potential customer has signed up to your mailing list, they’re basically telling you that you have their attention. They are waiting for you to tell them something they want to hear. This is where it can get a bit tricky, as one wrong move can mean you will lose one of your subscribers for life and trust us, they don’t come back! It may seem like a short-term project, but creating captivating and helpful content can be a difficult task to handle each month. Planning ahead to produce insightful monthly newsletters can help the affinity between you and your audience. It means you’re always in the back of their mind and ready to make a sale when they need your service.


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