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A lot is said about using social media as a tool for generating sales and greater profit. Yet, as an example, in the US only 2% of shoppers came directly from a social network to a retail website (2013 Christmas period).

So, the time spent managing your business’ social media campaigns is a waste of time, right? Well, it’s not really that cut and dry. 36% of US shoppers stated that a third of their purchases required them to consult social networks before ultimately making a final purchase. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter all saw their social referral share grow by 12, 24 and 17 percent respectively.

Where does that leave us?

I suppose it’s fair to say that if you are looking to dramatically increase your sales in the short term then social media marketing is not the correct strategy for you. If, however, you are looking to implement a serious content marketing strategy that will in time deepen your brand awareness throughout the online platform then social marketing is well worth your time and money. Implementing a social media marketing strategy can:

  • Help improve your websites SEO
  • Let you know what people are saying about your company and its products
  • Allow you to interact more personally with customers, building a rapport
  • Generate more customers from new markets

If you would like to find out what level of social media marketing is best for your business get in touch.