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In this digital age it is easy to think that print is dead. Online marketing is quicker, cheaper and more manageable. It offers a huge variety of marketing channels to engage potential clients. It is also easier and cheaper to target a specific group of customers with specific campaigns (Older, younger, men, women etc.). Yet, digital campaigns can also be more easily ignored or get lost in the noise. An online brochure, for instance, may not carry the same cachet as a beautifully printed brochure.

Although there are sometimes greater cost implications for printed material the conversion rates can be higher for printed campaigns than digital (OMI). Not to mention that an ad could physically last for months in a trade publication or magazine.

But as the title of this blog alludes to, it’s not an either/or situation. It is about one hand helping the other. When you have both on and offline marketing channels working together you get real boosts in your conversions.

Offline marketing, such as magazine or newspaper ads drive users to search online for a particular company, product, service or slogan. These offline channels have a direct influence on a proportion of online purchases.

To surmise, in this digital age, when it comes to convenience, accessibility and shear scope of ways to show off your product, the web is king. But, to ignore your offline marketing is a very unwise strategy. Ultimately, it should be about creating a strong campaign that is able to run along and intertwine both on and offline channels.