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Firstly, we hope everyone is staying safe and well at this time.

As the country is in lockdown and normal activities have ceased, for businesses it is more important than ever to maintain and adapt marketing strategies. With most customers and decision makers working from home your digital presence must be updated and strengthened.


What exactly is a digital presence?

For the uninitiated, a digital presence is how your business performs online, how current and potential customers interact with you over the internet. This can include your website, social media posts and ads, customer reviews and SEO or PPC.

The better your digital performance the easier you’ll be found online.

Here are some tips to help.


Stay safe but stay in touch

It is crucial to stay in contact with your customers. Now is not the time to be making hard sells but more to be there to offer support and solutions to their problems. This will offer support to people when they really need it and also help maintain your brand visibility. It is now more important than ever to be helpful to each other.


Build relationships in a new way

Build solid relationships with your customers and you will grow and nurture a valuable sense of trust.


With traditional physical marketing strategies unavailable it is time to get creative. Use Skype or Google Hangouts instead of meetings. Show your products and services more creatively online. Tackle all those projects you never get the time to do like analysing web data, look at internet directories, write more blogs or ask clients for valuable reviews. The time taken to think of new ways to market yourself will stand you in good stead for the present and the recovery.


Preparing for recovery

Even though we’re living through uncertain times we will emerge from this. It is important to start creating long-term plans and campaigns. Choose the right tone of voice for the different moments that we will face. Stay positive, stay safe.


At Plum, we want to help businesses stay on track and productive by providing design and development services to help you maintain your digital presence and reach out to new and existing customers.