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Planning for recoveryWe are obviously in uncertain times right now. You will rightly be thinking about loved ones and their safety. You will also be thinking about how you can best look after your staff and customers.

However, there will be a time soon when the road to recovery will start. You will need to have your marketing / business planning and collateral set up ready to go. Taking positive actions now will help your business recover quicker and stronger.

If you haven’t already, it is now time to start planning your brand’s recovery.

Review your business plans

Review your business plans. Look back at your performance over the past year. Have operational and market performances hit set targets? Where are you in respect to the rest of the industry and competitors. If you’re not reaching set targets your plans may be obsolete and ready for change.

Focus on long-term projects

Take the opportunity to explore bigger marketing projects. Does your business need to revamp its brand or digital presence? Do you need a new website or brochures? As day to day normality has disappeared for now, try transferring your energies in to your bigger marketing projects.

Internal communications

When the restrictions start to be adjusted and workers start going back to work you will have a responsibility to make sure your staff are well informed of all safety procedures.

Information can be shared through internal communication channels such as booklets, posters, newsletters. Videos or animations are a great way to share information. They are immediate, visually informative and easily accessible by your workforce.

Online sales presentations

While your sales team are unable to meet their clients face to face, online presentations are an invaluable asset. Customers will judge the value of the presentation and whether it deserves their attention within the opening moments. Invest in professionally designed and branded presentations that include infographics, graphs and even video to give your sales team the confidence to present and your customers the confidence to buy.

Social Media Graphics

Social media is proving more and more valuable. Maintaining contact with your customers and offering them value is all important. To help your customers, and to help you be noticed, visual content is key. It helps to capture, engage and quickly inform customers. Image based posts and tweets are always more likely to be shared than text only posts.

We are here to help your business create content for your recovery out of the crisis. Plum offers all the support and services that are discussed above.

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