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CMF Ltd are experts in Architectural Metalwork and Structural Steelwork From stairs, balustrades and balconies to lift shafts, bridges and helidecks CMF provide a complete solution throughout the UK.

We have partnered with CMF over the last 20 years to create and manage all their marketing material. We have helped them grow to what they are now.

Their large portfolio covers a wide range of the most prestigious projects across the commercial, retail, residential and transport sectors.


CMf wanted to promote a large, prestigious job they were undertaking, A video showing work in progress of the construction of the tallest structure in London at the time.

The project was near completion and we were asked to video the final stages on location in Bishopsgate 22.

CMF Bishopsgate Filming


Due to the logistics, we had to plan our strategy for capturing the content required for the video. It needed to be right first time!

Much to our surprise, and adhering to all health and safety measures we ascended to the clouds in a box hoist. Due to the nature of the video work, our minds were not eased by the health and safety induction which went through in detail the perilous dangers of working at extreme heights!

When we reached our destination, above cloud cover, we set about implementing our plan for the scenes for the footage to take place, as we only had limited time to capture it all.

The brief was to capture the steel decking installation and also the studwelding prior to the concrete pour. In addition to the installation process, we also produced external location shots. All this was completed in one day.


Back at the studio, all footage was then edited, incorporating the branding and key information on the project.

This largescale project involved both video and photography in a challenging location that we had not experienced before. With clear strategic planning, we were able to capture all the footage we needed to create an impressive video that has been used in all CMF’s online marketing material and also for winning tenders.

As a result of our work, Genquip CMF have been nominated as finalists in the best website category at The Hire Awards of Excellence 2022.

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CMF Bishopsgate Filming