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Lyte Ladders and Towers have been manufacturing high quality access products in South Wales for over 70 years. They are a leader in the trade and industrial sector with a reputation for innovative and quality products.

Our partnership with lyte ladders goes back more than 10 years. During this time, we have produced various marketing materials and advised on strategic marketing planning for their vast range of products.

Working closely with their marketing team, we have developed and created tradeshow exhibitions, product photography, point of sale, technical literature, and most recently, a product catalogue.


After creating a new brand style for Lyte Ladders, we were asked to apply this new style to a new full catalogue of their products.

The most important task was designing the catalogue to be user friendly, it was crucial that a product could be clearly identified and easily found, not only in the contents but by physically ‘flicking through’ the catalogue.

Lyte Ladders Product Brochure


Our philosophy at Plum is to take our clients through a step by step process, so that they have a clear picture of what is being created and developed as the job progresses.

With Lyte Ladders, as with all brochure or catalogue design work, we designed various covers and typical spreads. Once these were discussed and approved, we designed one section of the catalogue before taking it further.

This gave the marketing manager at Lyte Ladders a clear understanding, and peace of mind that the brochure was being developed in an efficient and constructive way, and that they were involved in every stage.

This also makes the process cost effective for the client, with changes being made, if needed at an early stage.

Lyte Ladders Product Brochure


Lyte ladders were keen to retain the existing DL format. Due to a large number and variations of a range of products, it was very important to make sure that the user could clearly identify at a glance, the products that they were searching for.

By using colour coding on each page to identify the product ranges and also within a typical range there are many specifications that had to be clearly identified for the user to find. The solution to this was to create divider pages for each product that are colour coded. Contents lists were produced for each divider page to enable the user to find what they needed quickly.

In addition to the product sections, we also designed suitable environment graphics for which the products can be used in, a visual to guide the user.

Lyte Ladders Product Brochure
Lyte Ladders Product Brochure

An integral part of the design process was the production of all the photography in our in-house photography studio, working closely with the client to establish the proper use of the products as well as adding our own creative stamp, capturing the products at unusual angles to deliver visual impact within the brochure.

The catalogues were a huge success and well received by the sales team. They are distributed throughout the UK and also available as a digital format on their website.

Lyte Ladders booklet
Lyte Ladders booklet
Lyte Ladders booklet