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GenQuip Groundhog is a market leading manufacturer and retailer of mobile and static welfare accommodation for hire companies and site contractors across the UK and worldwide.

Since its inception in 1998, Plum has managed almost every aspect of Genquip Groundhog’s online and offline marketing. Due to our depth of knowledge of their products and company, Genquip Groundhog know they can rely on us to turn around projects, especially at short notice.


During lockdown, with all ‘in person’ exhibitions cancelled, Genquip Groundhog asked us to develop a virtual showroom to promote their products and innovations, and a new website that would host it. It was crucial to them that these two elements fitted seamlessly together.

groundhog virtual showroom gp360 unit


In the planning stage, it was decided to design and then create in 3D a virtual showroom in which the products could be displayed.

Each 3D model for each product was placed within that virtual showroom. 360° renders were then created from a number of different standpoints within the showroom, and these were all then interlinked allowing the viewer to transition from one viewpoint to another by the click of a mouse button. The demands on the rendering systems were considerable, as there were a few hundred renders required, each of which were 7K in size.


An important aspect to this challenge was how we could integrate a virtual showroom into the company standard website, making sure that they did not feel like two separate entities but a natural extension of the other.

This was achieved on several levels, we designed the showroom and the website to share a common colour palette, graphics, visuals and design aspects throughout. Multiple links and portals allow a user to seamlessly move between the virtual showroom and the main website.

The main navigation was replaced with a minimalist 'return to main website' button for two reasons, one as to not distract from or encroach the overall immersive experience of the virtual environment, and secondly to not interfere with the Virtual Showroom’s own navigational system.

As a result of our work, Genquip Groundhog have been nominated as finalists in the best website category at The Hire Awards of Excellence 2022.

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Groundhog Virtual Showroom
Groundhog Virtual Showroom GP360 Internal
Groundhog Virtual Showroom Innovation Stage
Groundhog Virtual Showroom
Groundhog Virtual Showroom