Franks Gelateria
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Franks' logo

Frank’s ice cream is a very successful family run business that has won countless awards including ‘Britain’s tastiest Ice cream’.

Plum design has worked with Frank’s Ice cream for over 20 years helping and guiding them through their expansion within the luxury Ice cream market, with branding, packaging design, website development, presentations to supermarkets and advertisements for press and publications.


We were asked to help plan for the launch of an exciting new venture for Frank’s Ice cream.

Planning permission had been granted for a purpose built Gelateria and innovation lab in Ammanford, expertly designed so that visitors can experience the finest & freshest gelato being made before their eyes.

Franks' Gelateria gp360 unit


The key objective that they wanted to achieve was an upmarket environment as opposed to a beach side ice cream parlour, and so the branding and marketing materials all needed to reflect this.


We were in close communication with the team at Frank’s, and with lock down in place much of this was done remotely to achieve the results;

  1. Kept the consistency of the Frank’s brand within the new logo for the Gelateria, and applied this to all marketing materials in a colour palette chosen for sophistication.
  2. Produced 3d model of the gelateria building. This visual representation helped market the facility before construction.
  3. Created an animation before the building was built using the 3d modelling.
  4.  Worked through a marketing plan to help the team at Frank’s with a soft launch and then main launch.
  5.  Developed the manufacturing website, with a dedicated page to the Gelateria.
  6. Designed parlour packaging which included coffee and gelato cups, cone holders and food wraps.
  7. Created social media promotional graphics for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  8.  Explored various external signage lighting effects, for the main building sign.